Caleb PondThis blog will be focused on video games. Rather than making this blog a generic opinion dump, I would like to write about is how gaming affects us and society. This would go into discussion about topics like video games as an experience or art form. I would also like to write about new technology in the gaming scene and how it will affect either the way people play games or how it affects people in general. Lastly I will be delving the mindset behind developers and why they make certain decision during the development process. The posts involving atmosphere will mostly focus on how the environment in video games affects the player. This could also include level design principles. I want to focus more on atmosphere than major storytelling because I personally think that stories are better told through the world and the experiences in the game rather than some gated cutscene, or story segment. The technology posts would cover new peripherals, consoles, and maybe even programming techniques. But more than that I’ll be writing about how the new technology will affect the gaming scene or even how we play games. The design posts will go into developer logic. Why did a developer choose to do this rather than that? Why did they put that part of the game first rather than last? In looking at the design of games I hope to gain a better understanding of them and hopefully point out some “interesting” (strange) choices that developers have made. Overall I would like this blog to be a resource and platform for discussions about how to improve the gaming experience for everyone. Most of all I want people to stop playing games because they are popular or because some YouTube personality told them to but rather that they begin really thinking about what they play and what they want to play.

Twitter Sources:
@IrrationalGames: Irrational games is a major developer in the gaming scene. They have had many success and have made some of the coolest atmospheric titles out there today, one of those being Bioshock: Infinite.

@rockpapershot: Rock Paper Shotgun is a PC gaming website dedicated to honest and intelligent discussion and review of video games.

@idSoftware: Id software is responsible for some of the most popular and well regarded first person shooters of all time. They have worked on titles such as Quake, Wolfenstein, and Doom.

@ThatTomHall: Tom Hall is a very influential game designer who had his hand in some of the most classic video games. (e.g. Deus Ex, Rise of the Triad, Duke Nukem 3D)

@Vahn16: Nathan Grayson is an editor for several website that cover news media. He writes reviews and pieces on some of the most influential pc gaming websites on the internet today.

@ID_AA_Carmack: John Carmack cofounded Id software. On top of that he is now the CTO of the Oculus Rift team.

@flantz: Frank Lantz has been a game developer for 20 years. He also taught game design NYU for 12 years.